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Vocabulario primera unidad

weather - envieronment  / the weather in santiago is very cold in winter
sunny - warm /in curacavi is very sunny place in the summer
biking - cycling /  I like to go biking on the hill
kind - class / I like to make a kind of martial art
enough -  sufficient / you are getting enough exercise
business - affairs / you are studying business in the university
wonderful - amazing / Saturday's party was wonderful
pair - couple / in the store I bought a pair of pants
neighborhood - sector / I walk around my neighborhood in the morning
boring - dull / the sunday in my home is very boring

Vocabulario Segunda unidad

wear- utilize /I have to wear a shirt and trousers go for the institute
want -wish / I want to buy some new clothes
design - pattern / I like the design of the black shirt my friend
briefcase - portfolio / the father's briefcase is brown and old
purse -wallet / the mather's purse is very small but keep many things in it
borrow - lend / I borrowed 20,000 pesos to a friend Saturday 
leather - cowhide / san lorenzo market in florence is famous for leather purses
cheap - moderate / clothing store is very cheap this weekend
expensive - costly / My friend wants to sell me a watch but is very expensive
cash - dinero /the weekend I had to switch to cash a banknote twenty thousand

Vocabulario Tercera unidad

statement - opinion / statements of my friends are sometimes correct
spend - happen / my friends spend the weekend playing soccer
sprinkles - chips / I bought me a strawberry ice cream with chocolate sprinkles
waltz - dance / in Italian films appears much the waltz
haunted - charmed / abandoned house my grandparents seem haunted
useful - helpful / the emergency kit is very useful in every house
souvenir - memory / I have fond souvenirs of my grandparents
smoothies / Sunday my mother made some delicious smoothies

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